Mustang wheels blacked out

We decided to match the new front hubs to the color of the frame. Result, one of a kind durable powder coated sprint car hubs.

What better way to put coatings to the test than a dirt sprint car on the local Indiana dirt tracks. Pictured above: Powder coated chassis, components. High temp ceramic coated racing headers(temps above 1200 degrees), thermal displacement coating on radiator and rear end housing.


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Pace Performance Coatings is a powder coating shop established in 2009.  In our 6500 sq/ft facility, we can sand blast, and powder coat items up 8'x8'x20'.

We start by sand-blasting all substrates to bare metal, free of any rust or grime.  Then the parts are hung on one of our large 20' carts.  Then the substrates are cleaned and phosphate washed with our pre treatment process.  Next the rack is rolled into the dry off/ out gas oven. Once the parts are thouroughly dried and outgassed, The cart is rolled into the spray booth.  When cool enough, the dry powder coating is applied with an elcectrostatic powder coating machine.

 After all items are coated, the rack is rolled into the oven to cure the powder.  The parts remain in the oven for 20-35 minutes once the metal temperature of the coated parts reaches its cure temperature.  This is about 350 degrees on average.  After the cure, the rack is rolled into the cool off area.  Once the items reach ambient temperature, they are ready for packaging, or customer pickup.

 Turn Around  If your parts are already blasted, the turn around time is 3-5 business days.  If the parts need to be stripped of a coating, the turn around is around 5-10 business days.  If you need a quicker turn around, we can expedite the service for a fee.  We are located on the west side of Indy.